Considering a Move to Florida?

What you need to know...

1. Warmth - Not just the weather

It’s not just the warm weather and beautiful palm trees that attract families from across the country and around the world to South Florida. It is the warmth of the vibrant Jewish communities with their full-array of services found in its many fast-growing neighborhoods that invites hundreds to relocate and call South Florida their new home. Whether it is Miami Beach, Bal Harbour/Surfside, Aventura, North Miami Beach or Hollywood you will find a beautiful and welcoming Jewish community, the amenities to rival any large frum community and the out-of-town benefits and charm for which Florida is well known.

2. Cost of living

Did you know that the cost of living in Miami is significantly lower than New York City? That means more affordable housing, lower expenses, and of course no Florida State Income tax. And for all those concerned with the cost of a Yeshiva education, Florida state provides a significant tuition scholarship (on average $7,300-8,100 per year) to all private school students through their Step Up For Students program. Yet all those financial incentives do not mean that you have to lower your standards or live without the comforts you enjoy. South Florida is home to multiple shuls, kollelim, mikvaos, schools and adult education opportunities for everyone. So, whether you are young or old, Ashkenaz or Sephard, have a Yeshiva background or not, you will find your place right here in South Florida. In addition, you will find kosher supermarkets in each neighborhood and numerous world-class restaurants that attract residents and tourists worldwide.

3. Chinuch

The hallmark of any frum community is the chinuch opportunities they provide, and South Florida offers the full gamut of Torah education at every stage. From daycares to preschools, elementary schools to high schools, and even Bais Medrash, you will find amazing opportunities for boys and girls of every age. South Florida is fortunate to host Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes, one of the first Jewish schools to open its doors in South Florida  with six divisions, ranging from Junior Pre-K through Bais Medrash. YTCTE offers the finest Limudei Kodesh education to carefully guide our talmidim and talmidos on their journey to become true Bnei Torah and Bnos Yisroel while our rigorous Secular Studies program equips our students with an outstanding academic education. This, along with our dedication to delivering an individualized learning experience is just one reason YTCTE is one of the fastest growing Yeshivos outside of the New York and New Jersey area. Our Yeshiva is proud to serve the evolving needs of South Florida’s ever-growing Jewish community. 

Be part of a school - and community - that feels like a family. Join our growing Yeshiva community today.


We believe a quality Limudei Kodesh and Secular Studies education is a necessity for every Jewish child, regardless of the family’s ability to pay. Approximately 80% of our families are on scholarship. Parents can apply for tuition assistance from YTCTE once eligible government resources have been exhausted. Government programs include Step Up For Students Scholarship/AAA, Voluntary Pre-K, as well as scholarships for special needs (McKay, Gardiner). Full details can be found on our Financial Aid page.

Florida Healthy Kids offers health and dental insurance for children on a sliding scale. Visit to see eligibility guidelines.

YTCTE currently provides busing options for Miami Beach, Hollywood, North Miami Beach, Aventura, and Surfside/Bal Harbour.

Our outstanding education in both Limudei Kodesh and Secular Studies, on par with the best Yeshivos,  enables each student to grow, building the foundation for a successful future. After graduation, our students are accepted into the finest Yeshivos and universities in Israel and across the country.

Questions? Contact Mrs. Ruchie Berger at 305-947-9477, or [email protected].

A Few of The Many Thriving Jewish Communities in South Florida...

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S. Florida Real Estate

  • Jonathan Chames: 305-215-4515
  • Yaakov Waldman: 954-326-8080
  • Ariella Lahav: 305-962-4115 (Miami Beach, Surfside, Bal Harbour)

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