Enter a student. Leave

a Ben Torah. a Bas Yisroel. a mentsch. with the tools to
 succeed in life.

There’s a reason families and students choose YTCTE.

At Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes (YTCTE), students from Junior Pre-K to Bais Medrash receive the purest education in Limudei Kodesh available, taught in conjunction with a rigorous Secular Studies program. We focus on building strong minds and strong characters, so our talmidim and talmidos become caring, well-rounded and successful individuals, defined by their yiras shamayim, middos tovos and chesed.

This all happens in a warm, welcoming learning environment where lessons are tailored to each student’s unique learning style and needs.

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Esformes Early Childhood Center

Junior Pre-K - Kindergarten Girls & Boys

Laying the foundation for a lifelong love of Torah and learning


Klurman Elementary School

Grades 1 - 5 GirlsBoys

Cultivating a thirst for Torah and joy of learning to create happy, fulfilled children


Bnos Toras Emes

Grades 6 - 8 Girls

Developing Bnos Yisroel who are refined, well-adjusted, empowered and excited to build the future of Klal Yisroel

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Rohr Middle School

Grades 6 - 8 Boys

Igniting the greatness in every student through ruchniyos, middos and scholarship​


Mesivta Avraham Zev
The Dr. Abe Chames High School

Grades 9 - 12 Boys

Building Torah, middos and strong minds, one talmid at a time


Bais Medrash Zichron Ezra

Post High School Young Men

Transforming young men into strong, lifelong Bnei Torah and Baalei Mussar


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YTCTE is for students and families who want to grow in Yiddishkeit, middos and knowledge.

Torah values.
Academic excellence.

You’ll find both at YTCTE

Our outstanding education in both Limudei Kodesh and Secular Studies enables each student to grow as a Ben Torah/Bas Yisroel, building the foundation for a successful future.

Limudei Kodesh

Our passionate rebbeim and moros build a love of Hashem and Torah within each talmid, from Junior Pre-K to Bais Medrash. At YTCTE, our Limudei Kodesh curriculum deepens in every grade, with each year building on the previous year’s teachings.
Individualized Instruction
Remedial & Advanced Tracks Available

Secular Studies

Our rigorous academic program challenges each student to reach their potential, so they can continue to excel after their time at YTCTE. Our robust extracurriculars give students even more opportunities to grow academically and socially.
Individualized Instruction
Remedial & Advanced Tracks Available

Building middos,
minds and more


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We hold YTCTE to the
highest standards.

Our distinguished accreditations and affiliations include:

YTCTE is one of the
largest Yeshivas outside of the
New York/New Jersey area.

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18+ communities


1350+ students

More than

2,500 alumni

Educating for

40+ years


18+ communities


1350+ students

More than

2,500 alumni

Educating for

40+ years