Accelerated Limudei Kodesh

Advanced shiur options for motivated talmidim

Our yeshiva is proud to offer accelerated and Honors courses in both Limudei Kodesh and Secular Studies. Beginning in 3rd grade, advanced boys can join our Mishnayos Enrichment classes, where they are provided with additional time to explore the richness of Torah. As they progress through their years at YTCTE, these advanced students have more opportunities to delve deeper into the concepts and materials in our Limudei Kodesh curriculum. Our devoted rebbeim carefully guide each talmid through our chinuch על פי טהרת הקודש, building on their strengths while nurturing their thirst for Torah.

As with our regular offerings, our accelerated and Honors courses are defined by small class sizes and personalized instruction that’s tailored to each student’s unique learning style.

Klurman Elementary School

Our Mishnayos enrichment program provides our boys in Grades 3-5 with additional learning time, enabling them to be introduced to a larger number of Mishnayos than in our Regular Limudei Kodesh offerings. Each student in the program is recommended by our rebbeim. Rebbeim look for boys who are eager for additional learning time and opportunities to broaden their knowledge of Torah, and who will continue to thrive academically and socially with the extra hours of learning.

Rohr Middle School

Starting in middle school, we offer Accelerated Limudei Kodesh shiurim for each grade level. These advanced classes provide motivated boys with the extra time and opportunities to further their discovery of the beauty of Torah. Our talmidim learn in a chaburah of like-minded boys who each have the desire to be a talmid chachom. Students are imbued with a lifelong mission to achieve gadlus baTorah and a love for learning. These accelerated classes have their own rebbe for the entire morning and include an extra 45 minutes of learning time, 3 times a week (Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday). 

Dr. Abe Chames High School

In high school, we continue to build on the foundation of our middle school honors level shiur.  We offer an honors shiur for each grade level in high school, where both continuing YTCTE students and newcomers will benefit. This opportunity is for highly motivated talmidim looking to grow their gadlus baTorah to become true Talmidei chachamim. There are daily advanced shiurim with an emphasis on iyun, along with shiurim to complete mesectos in bekiyus. The program also includes weekly and monthly musar vaadim with our Roshei Yeshiva, nightly sedorim and extended Sunday shiurim. These provide extra opportunities for boys to shteig in their learning and develop very close kesharim with their rebbeim.

Other advanced offerings

The courses in our Accelerated Limudei Kodesh program are just one part of our advanced offerings. Advanced, motivated students may also take part in our Accelerated Secular Studies program.