Accelerated Secular Studies

Rigorous academic options for advanced students

Our yeshiva is proud to offer accelerated and Honors courses in both Limudei Kodesh and Secular Studies for advanced, motivated students. The first of these classes begins in elementary school. Each course is designed to meet the unique needs and abilities of advanced students. Our devoted instructors encourage each student on their journey, instilling them with a lifelong love of learning.

As with our regular offerings, our accelerated and Honors courses are defined by small class sizes and personalized instruction that’s tailored to each student’s unique learning style.

Klurman Elementary School

Beginning in Grade 4, children can take their math skills to the next level with Accelerated Math. This is their first introduction to the academic honors curriculum at YTCTE, where materials and concepts are introduced earlier and studied more deeply, and at a faster pace, than in regular classes. Our advanced students are excited to expand their abilities while exploring new challenges.

Rohr Middle School

Our advanced students continue their Honors Math studies in Grades 6 and 7, while students in Grade 8 have the option to take High School Algebra. These courses equip students with the skills they need to thrive academically, while preparing them for the exciting new discoveries that await them in high school.

Dr. Abe Chames High School

We offer Honors level classes for every core Secular Studies subject in every grade during high school. Interested students may choose to prepare for AP exams and earn college credits. Our range and variety of learning options enable students to grow at a pace that works for their unique abilities and learning styles. These advanced offerings are the ideal option for the intellectually curious high school student looking to challenge themselves and maximize their full potential.

Other advanced offerings

The courses in our Accelerated Secular Studies program are just one part of our advanced offerings. Advanced, motivated boys may also take part in our Accelerated Limudei Kodesh program.