Your gift supports the growth of the future leaders of the Jewish people

Our mission is to shape the future leaders of Klal Yisroel.
And our standard is excellence, in everything that we do.

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At YTCTE, we’re shaping the leaders of tomorrow, empowering them to grow in Yiddishkeit, middos tovos and knowledge, so they can be an integral part of Klal Yisroel’s future.

We continuously invest in crafting an unmatched learning environment. It shows in everything we do, from our reputation for employing – and retaining – skilled rebbeim, moros and teachers, to our rigorous curriculum, state-of-the-art teaching equipment and strategic school improvements,



Students flourish in our warm, nurturing environment and small, close-knit classes as they build deep, meaningful bonds with our devoted rebbeim, moros and teachers. It’s common for alumni to invite a beloved Rebbi or Morah to their wedding, years after their time at YTCTE.

Many of our students are children of YTCTE alumni. These former students want to provide their children with the same life changing experience they had during their time at YTCTE.



The relationships we help foster, the community we’ve created, and our unmatched Limudei Kodesh and Secular Studies curriculum are just a few of the reasons we’re one of the fastest growing Yeshivos outside of the New York and New Jersey area.

We’re dedicated to making an exceptional educational experience and supportive community available for our students and their families. That includes offering a generous scholarship program to qualifying families. Approximately 80% of our students are on scholarship.

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All of that – and more – is made possible by supporters like you, whether you’re a parent, grandparent, alumnus or someone who wants to be part of ensuring the future of the Jewish nation.

When you give to YTCTE, your gift supports the growth of tomorrow’s leaders and the next generation of Bnei Torah and Bnos Yisroel.

Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes is a non-profit 501c3 organization: EIN # 59-1870702

More Ways to Give

Shop with a Purpose

Make your shopping count with our SCRIP Gift Card Program. A percentage of each purchase goes to YTCTE. Whether you’re purchasing gift cards for your everyday shopping or just stocking up on gifts for friends and family, this is the ideal way to support our vital mission without costing you a penny!


Support YTCTE each time you shop on Amazon, with AmazonSmile. This powerful program enables you to make a difference with your regular Amazon purchases, at no cost to you. Just shop at our AmazonSmile affiliate link and a portion of your purchase price will be donated to YTCTE. You’ll find the same great prices, selection and shopping experience that you’re accustomed to on

How it Works:

1) Bookmark our affiliate link to use when shopping on AmazonSmile. (YTCTE receives an additional percentage when you use this link, at no cost to you.)

Bookmark this link:

2) Go to our AmazonSmile affiliate link

3) Under ‘Select Charity,’ use the search bar to find our legal name: Toras Emes Academy of Miami

4) Select Toras Emes Academy of Miami as your charitable organization

5) Make sure you shop at our AmazonSmile affiliate link for all your future purchases

6) 0.5% of your purchases will be donated to YTCTE

Parnes Hayom • Dedicate A Day

Imagine over 1,200 children and young men delving into the beauty of Torah and davening on your behalf. When you dedicate a day, your support helps make an important day more meaningful for each one of our students. You can sponsor in memory of a loved one, as a zechus for a refuah shelaima or in honor of a special person or occasion.

Endowments, Bequests and Wills

Give a gift that keeps on giving and transform your assets into a legacy with an endowment gift to YTCTE. When you make an endowment donation, the funds from your gift are invested. Only the annual income from the investment is used to support needs at YTCTE. This ensures your gift’s continued support in the future.

Endowment funds may be established in honor of the donor, other individuals or in memory of loved ones. Not only does your gift benefit YTCTE both today and in the future, establishing an endowment fund may provide significant tax benefits for you and/or your estate. Please consult with your attorney for further information.

Gifts may be made in many forms, including:

Personal property
Real estate
Home/Vacation Residence
Interest in your business
Life insurance policy proceeds

For more information on personal endowments and/or building dedications, please contact Rabbi Nosson Yishaya Schwartz, our Director of Institutional Advancement, at 305-944-5344 x 230 or [email protected].


Donating appreciated securities, those held longer than 12 months, or your IRA Required Minimum Distribution, is a tax-wise way to shape the future leaders of the Jewish people

You receive a valuable tax deduction while empowering our academic programming, bolstering the scholarship fund or advancing our building campaign.

To donate long-term appreciated securities:

1) Contact Rabbi Nosson Yishaya Schwartz, Director of Institutional Advancement, at 305-944-5344 x 230 or [email protected]

2) Please authorize your broker to transfer the shares to YTCTE via Raymond James, DTC #0725, account #7265F329.

3) Please consult your financial institution for further instructions. If you or your brokerage firm have any questions on the transaction, please call Steven Weisberg VP. at Raymond James in Aventura at 305-466-4655.


South Campus Expansion

YTCTE is creating a revolutionary, beautiful, expanded campus which will provide students with much-needed additional space, enhanced security and tasteful aesthetics.

We invite you to invest in becoming a leader of Jewish education, and make your impact on the future of South Florida’s Jewish children. 

Grandparents Circle

More details coming soon!