Miami Beach

At a glance...

A beautiful coastal city surrounded by water, Miami Beach is the destination of choice not only for vacationers, but for those looking to relocate to Miami and one of its most established communities. With an array of local shuls including a community kollel, a sefardic minyan, as well as many other options, Miami Beach makes everyone feel at home. There are numerous kosher restaurants and grocery stores that line the famed 41st street for all to enjoy. Conveniently, Miami Beach is just a short drive from Miami International Airport, but even more enticing is the mere 20 minute drive from YTCTE and the door-to-door bussing offered to and from Yeshiva.


Due to the rapidly increasing number of families relocating to South Florida and the current real estate boom, please reach out to a realtor to receive up-to-date costs for home rentals and purchases.

Shuls/Batei Medrash:

Miami Beach Community Kollel, Rabbi Yaacov Gross

Ahavas HaTorah, Rabbi Tzvi Neuhaus

Beth Israel Congregation, Rabbi Donald Bixon

Congregation Ohr Chaim, Rabbi Chaim Friedman

Shaare Ezra, Rabbi Yehoshua Sova

Zichron Naftali, Rabbi Yisroel Janowski

Kollel Boker Zichron Baruch/Ichud HaShas Zichron Binyomin Tzvi 

Bais Yeshaya dKeristerer Shtiebel, Rabbi Solomon Feldbrand

Bais Menachem, Rabbi Yehuda Leib Schapiro

Beis Moshe Chaim at Rohr Talmudic University, Rabbi Yochanan Zweig

Beth Eliyahu Mani Spehardic Shul, Rabbi Rafael Muratov


Kastner’s Market

Kosher Price

Yes Market

Visit websites of local kashrus agencies for a more comprehensive list of kosher amenities


Daughters of Israel Mikvah (Women’s Mikvah)