North Miami Beach

At a glance...

Centrally located in the heart of South Florida’s bustling Jewish life, North Miami Beach is a flourishing Torah community with all the amenities. Boasting an extensive eruv, an array of shuls, a vibrant community Kollel, the Yeshiva, Bais Yaakov and kosher supermarkets, NMB is a location of choice for many young families who want a large, yet affordable, frum community.



Due to the rapidly increasing number of families relocating to South Florida and the current real estate boom, please reach out to a realtor to receive up-to-date costs for home rentals and purchases.


Shuls/Batei Midrashos:

Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes (Klurman Campus)

Kollel Zichron Michel of NMB, Rabbi Yaakov T. Blejer and Rabbi Aharon D. Singer

Congregation Shaaray Tefilah, Rabbi Ephraim E. Shapiro

Congregation Torah Ve’Emunah, Rabbi Arye Bensinger

Young Israel Kehilas Ahavas Shalom, Rabbi Dovid Lehrfield

Mikdash Melech, Rabbi Noach Peled

Bais Menachem – Chabad, Rabbi Yosef Marlow

Magen David Sephardic Jewish Center

Congregation Khal Chasidim



South Florida Kosher Meats

Citrus Kosher 

Visit websites of local kashrus agencies for a comprehensive list of kosher amenities.



Mikvah Jovita Cojab (Women’s and Keilim Mikvah) 305-949-9650

Congregation Khal Chasidim (Men’s Mikvah) 



North Miami Eruv