Surfside/Bal Harbour

At a glance...

Bal Harbour/Bay Harbour/Surfside

The Bal Harbour/Bay Harbour/Surfside neighborhood is an upscale Jewish community that is both diverse yet unified. It boasts of four different shuls to cater to Ashkenazim, Chabad, Morrocan Sephardim and Syrian Sephardim, and any Jew who wants to join this welcoming community. A short walk from the beach, it is currently the hub of the frum tourist industry featuring kosher supermarkets and an array of popular world-class restaurants. The community has many adult shiurim as well as exciting youth programs for all ages.


Due to the rapidly increasing number of families relocating to South Florida and the current real estate boom, please reach out to a realtor to receive up-to-date costs for home rentals and purchases.

Shuls/Batei Medrash:

The Shul, Rabbi Sholom Lipskar

Magen David Congregation, Rabbi Gavriel Koskas

Hechal Shalom Or Oziel, Rabbi David Elmaleh

The Young Israel Congregation, Rabbi Moshe Gruenstein


The Grove (Formerly Kosher Land Market)

There are a plethora of fine dining options, both dairy and meat. To see them all, visit websites of local kashrus agencies for a more comprehensive list of kosher amenities.


The Mikvah at the Shul (Women’s Mikvah and Men’s Mikvah)