Rabbi Yecheskel Ginsburg

Meet Rabbi Yecheskel Ginsburg

Rabbi Ginsburg is a personable and engaging mechanech with the valuable ability to break down concepts in learning in a way that brings  clarity to every student at any level.  After moving from Lakewood, New Jersey, he became a high school Rebbe at Yeshiva Beis Aharon before joining YTCTE. Rabbi Ginsburg connects easily with his students and brings insight and enthusiasm to the classroom. 

What I Do

As the 8th grade Rebbi in RMS, my goal is to give my students a real geshmak and taste for learning so they can enjoy the sweetness of learning Torah.  Part of getting to this goal is by raising the level of the boys’ understanding of Gemara so that they are well-prepared and confident to go to the next stage of their life in high school.  

How I Make a Difference at YTCTE  

I try to be the catalyst for a boy’s recognition of the value and pure joy of living a Torah life while helping them feel good about themselves as an individual. I work to build a genuine connection with every single boy with warmth and care and to help them grow in their ruchniyus according to each student’s level.

My Favorite Part about What I Do

My favorite part is seeing the spark of understanding in a boy’s eyes when he really ‘gets’ it!

Parting Words

Having observed the focused dedication and purity of intent to the ideal of teaching Torah of those associated with the Yeshiva, as well as the high level of professionalism that so clearly emanates from everything the Yeshiva does, it was clear to me that this was the Yeshiva I wanted to join!