Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg

Meet Rabbi Mordechai Rosenberg

What’s warm, fun and full of energy? Rabbi Rosenberg’s classroom! When this dynamic rebbe talks about being dedicated to the success of each child, he means it. His creative and deeply personalized teaching style makes him the perfect candidate to captivate students as they begin their journey through elementary school.

What I do

I help my students grow in Torah to the best of their abilities, while loving every moment of it.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I work very hard to understand each child, so I can help each one grow in Torah and middos. The more I understand about how they think and learn, the better I can tailor my lessons to their needs and learning style.

My favorite part about what I do

The ‘Before and After’ is incredible. I’ll see a first grader come in to my class and they’re barely reading, don’t know how to write Hebrew or are starting from scratch in chumash. The fact that they can be proficient in all those things after just a year or two never ceases to motivate me.

Parting Words

When I see how much my students are enjoying learning, I know I’m doing something right.