Rabbi Sender Kagan

Meet Rabbi Sender Kagan

The ultimate ‘fix-it’ man, Rabbi Kagan knows the ins and outs of all things construction. His connections and know-how from 24 years in the construction world and 20 years in retail management literally keep the lights on all year round.

What I do

I make sure all the buildings are fully operational. Toilets, AC, lights – all the things that create a safe, productive learning environment and experience for our students and staff.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I’ve been in construction for over two decades, and I put that knowledge to work everyday to help YTCTE make the best, most cost-effective decisions for campus repairs and remodels.

My favorite part about what I do

Making people happy. It’s really rewarding to see everything working properly, so the boys and staff can focus on their work.

Parting Words

In an ideal world, everything would work perfectly all the time. While there are days and weeks when that happens, I also enjoy meeting the everyday challenges that come up. Finding new, creative solutions is part of what makes this work so interesting.