Rabbi Noach Rabovsky

Meet Rabbi Noach Rabovsky

Warm, friendly and easy going, Rabbi Rabovsky has the tremendous ability to remain calm in even the most stress-inducing situations. Known for his superior leadership skills and sincerity, he easily earns the confidence of his colleagues, staff, parents and students. In addition to his professional degrees and previous experience as a Rebbe, teacher and Director of Activities, he is the well-known director of our popular summer camp, Machane Miami, and the President of Shaarey Tefilah of North Miami Beach.

What I do

I am passionate about education, and as the General Studies Principal of our Rohr Middle School, I try to share that passion with my staff and students as I work to continuously upgrade and enhance the education we provide our students. I make sure that we have a well-rounded curriculum, provide guidance and support to our teachers and encourage our boys to reach their potential.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I strive to create an atmosphere that values learning and knowledge and inspires our students to become lifelong learners.

My favorite part about what I do

Being able to give back to the Yeshiva that inspired me many years ago gives me tremendous satisfaction.

Parting Words

As a former student of YTCTE, I love seeing firsthand the success and growth the Yeshiva has experienced over the years. The Yeshiva’s commitment to Torah, Mussar and Education has resonated with the families of South Florida and attracted more and more families as time goes on.