Rabbi Moshe Kleinerman

Meet Rabbi Moshe Kleinerman

Stop by our Bais Medrash during any seder, and often in between too, and you will find Rabbi Kleinerman either giving shiur, encouraging the talmidim, organizing vaadim  or just being there for the bochurim in his warm and caring style. His experience as a Rosh Chabura in the Rabbinical Seminary of America and a camp administrator in the Catskills helped him develop the skills necessary to give a high-level shiur while also tending to the needs of each talmid.

What I do

I give the second year shiur in our Bais Medrash Zichron Ezra and oversee all three daily sedarim. I create an environment where the talmidim are growing the entire day, from shacharis until maariv.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

My mission is to help all of the talmidim utilize their kochos, and be aware of their personal successes in ruchniyus. I challenge my students to reach their full potential in learning and in all areas of their avodas Hashem.

My favorite part about what I do

I view it as a real zechus to teach Torah on a high level to motivated talmidim. My goal is to reach every talmid on his level, make learning exciting for him and help him grow. Seeing that tangible growth is truly rewarding.

Parting Words

It is inspiring to work in such a well-established Yeshiva with such an amazing team of dedicated mechanchim and growing talmidim.