Rabbi Avraham Amster

Meet Rabbi Avraham Amster

Caring, creative and very clear, Rabbi Amster creates a class where boys want to learn and are able to develop the skills needed in a positive and encouraging environment. With previous experience as a Rebbe and associate principal in Queens, NY, and trained by the renowned Rabbi Yoel Kramer of Mercaz, Rabbi Amster’s teaching experience and dedication to chinuch makes him a valuable and popular KES Rebbe.

What I Do

As the fourth grade Rebbe, I teach Chumash and Mishnayos amongst the rest of the kodesh curriculum. I educate in a way that focuses on clarity of the material and encourages creativity, while simultaneously helping the boys develop the skills needed to put them on the path to becoming a ben Torah and a baal middos.

How I Make a Difference at YTCTE

I take pride in creating a fun, exciting, and caring atmosphere in the classroom so that the talmidim really enjoy learning Torah. I want the boys to have a love for Yiddishkeit, and the best way to get there is for them to feel successful in learning Torah.

My Favorite Part about What I Do

It is so rewarding to see the boys get excited and passionate while learning Mishnayos.

Parting Words

There are many ways to make learning hands-on and fun, and I enjoy finding ways for the boys to demonstrate and develop skills and talents to help build their self-esteem. Whether that means playing frisbee, public speaking, woodworking, or taking on new responsibilities, I encourage my talmidim both inside and outside of the classroom.