Rabbi Avi Lichtman

Meet Rabbi Avi Lichtman

Rabbi Lichtman, an alumnus from YTCTE’s “earlier” years, was a Rebbe in Vancouver for close to a decade before returning to his Miami roots. A popular elementary school Rebbe, Rabbi Lichtman is known for his ability to teach his students at their level in a calm and conducive learning environment.

What I do

I make mastering Chumash achievable by breaking the learning down into small pieces.  Students will gain the skills needed to become independent lifelong learners.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

Giving my students the tools taught to learn and work independently is truly rewarding and sets them on the path for future success. 

My favorite part about what I do

Seeing the smiling faces of my talmidim excites me every day. I am proud to see each of them accomplish in their own way.

Parting Words

It’s a privilege to give back to a school that gave so much to me! It is a Makom Torah where I am surrounded by so many expert mechanchim. I am always looking to grow in my role as a Rebbe, and Yeshiva Toras Emes provides so many opportunities.