YTCTE Teachers and Faculty Get to Be Students

While our students were still enjoying their last couple of weeks of summer vacation, our dedicated faculty was back at school preparing for another successful year at YTCTE (Yeshiva high school). In addition to spending countless hours setting up the classrooms, each division organized various workshops and training sessions for its faculty on a wide array of topics.

In today’s day and age, YTCTE understands the importance of ensuring that our campuses are safe and secure. Therefore, the entire South Campus participated in a security briefing coordinated by Rabbi Roth, COO, which included the participation of top officials from the Miami Dade Police Department. The Klurman Campus as well hosted a comprehensive presentation from the school’s security team on lockdown procedures and safety drills.

Each division organized various workshops and training sessions for its faculty on a wide array of topics.The Early Childhood Division received training on Conscious Discipline by Mindy Becker, Director of Grow With Us Academy and a National Conscious Discipline Certified Instructor. Through interactive training, faculty discussed the three premises of conscious discipline, gained an understanding of the different brain states and learned various techniques to help children self-regulate. Teachers, as well, were given the opportunity to take first aid and CPR courses and gain certification. As required, all EECC staff are now trained and certified in child first aid CPR.

The Klurman Elementary School conducted various seminars and workshops including, together with the RMS faculty, a day-long Tech Smart training conducted by Dr. Eli Shapiro and Mrs. Temima Feldman of the Digital Citizenship Project, as well as a presentation by our own Mrs. Deana Shuker on utilizing technology in the classroom. In addition, the Secular Studies teachers participated in a workshop focused on strengthening phonics instruction while the Limudei Kodesh faculty collaborated on fine tuning the middos program, upgrading the Kriyah Support Program, as well as enhancing tefillah and the Yedios HaTorah curriculum.

Rohr Middle School hosted its New Teacher Orientation a day before all its seasoned staff returned. This afforded them the opportunity to welcome them, explain the mission and culture of RMS and create a positive beginning to what is sure to be a great year. The following day, RMS welcomed its entire faculty to discuss the many aspects involved in its mission “to ignite the GREATNESS within EVERY student.” This includes Cooperative Learning, Responsibility Centered Discipline and Collaborative Proactive Solutions. Additionally, each faculty member created and developed a Smart Classroom Management Plan, discussed various policies and curriculum enhancements and participated in the day-long digital citizenship training by Dr. Shapiro.

The Dr. Abe Chames High School faculty participated in important seminars that focused on the emotional well-being of its students. This included a workshop conducted by Moshe Reznitsky, MHC, MFT, NCC, on “Responding to Negative Interactions in a Positive Way,” as well as one by Eli Feldman LMHC titled, “Being a First Responder to Emotional Struggles.” Administration and faculty also held extensive meetings to discuss goals and objectives for the coming year.

All in all, by the time the first day of school arrived, YTCTE’s dedicated administration, faculty and staff were ready and waiting to greet each student with the tools in place to ensure another year of growth and hatzlacha for everyone.

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