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A (mostly) comprehensive list of what needs to get done....


  • EECC = Esformes Early Childhood Center (JPK-K)
  • KES = Klurman Elementary School (1-5)
  • GMS = Girls Middle School (6)
  • RMS = Rohr Middle School (Boys 6-8)
  • DACHS = Dr. Abe Chames High School (9-12)
  1. Make sure your contract is signed and your payment arrangement is set up at
  2. If you applied to a government voucher program (Gardiner, Step Up For Students, VPK, Family Empowerment, etc), please make sure you’ve sent the award letters to [email protected]
  1. Make sure your immunization records are uploaded, and the health portal is completely filled out at
  2. Families new to Florida: You need to have your immunization records OFFICIALLY transferred over to Florida immunization forms. This can be done in one of 2 ways: 
      • Visit a Florida doctor, who can do it for you. Make sure to take your out-of-state immunization records with you to the doctor.
      • Go to the Florida Department of Health – Immunization Health Department to get the forms transferred for free. Appointments can be made at 305-575-3800 in Miami Dade or 954-467-4700/954-767-5111 in Broward. (Broward has many locations available and faster service.)  This is a good option for those who do not yet have a Florida doctor or insurance coverage.
      High School dorm students and families new to Florida have an extension of up to 30 days from the first day of Yeshiva to submit their Florida immunization records. In the meantime, we still need your child’s health information on file! Please upload your out-of-state forms, and the Director of Records will contact you.
    • EECC and KES: The Yeshiva will be purchasing school supplies for all students. There is no fee for this as the cost is covered under “fees” in your tuition contract.
    • GMS: 
      • Click here for a list of school supplies to purchase.
    • RMS:
      • Click here for a list of school supplies to purchase.
    • DACHS:
      • Click here for a list of school supplies to purchase. All seforim will be purchased by the Yeshiva.

EECC: There’s no uniform – just a dress code:

    • All boys need to wear tzitzis, a yarmulke and shirts with sleeves. 
    • Girls in our kindergarten classes need to wear skirts or dresses. Shirts and dresses must have sleeves.
    • Please dress your children in comfortable clothing that they are able to manage themselves and need not worry about keeping spotless. 
    • Please send your child in sneakers.  Do not send your child to yeshiva in open toe sandals, slippers, Crocs or flip-flops. 
    • Please label all articles of clothing with your child’s full name including, yarmulkes, tzitzis, sweaters, raincoats and jackets.


  • The Uniform Policy and information on where to purchase uniforms can be found here.


  • The Uniform Policy and information on where to purchase uniforms can be found here.


    • The Dress Code can be found here.
    • Order T-Shirts for Sports here
    • Order YTCTE Sweatshirts here

DACHS: The Dress Code can be found on Page 7 of the Handbook.

  • Dismissal Information:
  • BUSING: To sign up for busing, please go to Please note that most routes are already full. (Transportation is currently available for Miami Beach, Surfside, North Miami Beach, Aventura & Hollywood neighborhoods). Email [email protected] with any questions. 

Updated handbooks will be posted when available.


2023-2024 lunch menu will be posted in August for EECC, KES, GMS & RMS on DACHS students will be able to order lunch and dinner. Breakfast is provided for DACHS students. Monitor your emails for instructions on how to order meals for purchase through our Parent Portal for all divisions.  

  • Returning families: any amounts overpaid for lunches last year will be rolled over to this year’s lunch portal before the school year begins.
  1. See our 2023-2024 Calendar online here.
  2. Yeshiva begins on Tuesday, August 29 for all divisions.
  3. Add YTCTE events to your personal google calendar! Click here

 If you’d like your child to get a Speech or OT Screening, please fill out the form below:

Speech For EECC and KES

OT for EECC and KES

Executive Functioning for EECC and KES 

Speech For RMS

  • If you haven’t been receiving emails with Yeshiva information to the email address you provided with your registration, there may be 2 reasons for this:
    •  You may have accidentally unsubscribed. Please resubscribe here
    • The emails might be going to your spam folder. Please check your spam folder. If the emails are there, please move them to your inbox, so that in the future they will get sent to your inbox.
  • If you’d like to sign up for community announcement emails please click here

Additional: Division Specific

  1. Class Placements- please bear in mind that placements are extremely complex taking into account academic and other considerations, and therefore we cannot guarantee accommodating every request. Also, as a reminder, we do not take requests for specific Rebbeim, Moros or teachers.
  1. Add your daughter’s bas mitzvah date to the Bas Mitzvah Calendar
  2. Find the bas mitzvah guidelines here.
  1. Add your son’s bar mitzvah date to the Bar Mitzvah Calendar
  2. Fill out the Bar Mitzvah Celebration Order Form
  3. RMS Information Booklet