What Yeshivas Teach Their Students

Yeshivas, much like all other schools, are tasked with the responsibility to educate their students and prepare them for future success. However, unlike their secular counterparts, Yeshivas have a double mission. While one of their goals is to prepare their students for college and a career, Yeshivas also strive to prepare their students to become upstanding and contributing members of the Jewish community, well versed in, and committed to, a Torah way of Life. How do they accomplish these daunting dual goals at each level of study?

In Yeshivas like Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes of Miami, starting at the preschool level, young students receive a dual-education where they begin learning the foundational skills for reading, writing and mathematics along with the Hebrew Aleph Bais, prayer, Jewish customs and holidays. They are given an appreciation for knowledge and a love for their Jewish heritage.

Building on that foundation, students enter elementary school ready to learn and grow at a new level. Once again, their dual-curriculum allows them to study the general education that is received in all schools as well as a strong focus on Judaic studies. Children become fluent in reading English and Hebrew and are introduced to the Siddur (the Jewish prayer book) and the Chumash. As the English Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies knowledge advance, so does their Judaic studies and the boys are introduced to the Mishna and ultimately the Gemara, while the girls begin learning Navi in conjunction with their other studies such as Chumash, Halacha (Jewish Law), Yomim Tovim (Holidays), and Ivrit (Hebrew language).

Once the students enter Middle School, they are at an advanced stage and ready to study at an even higher level. Expectations are greater and the students stretch themselves to meet their goals. Often this includes independent study with a partner on complex topics in the Gemara and peer review in their English writing classes. Middle School is a critical stepping stone to highschool, the final step of their primary education and the springboard to higher learning and successful careers.

In high school, students are prepared to take the PSAT, SAT and ACT exams and have the skills and knowledge to attend top colleges and universities. In addition, they are prepared to learn independently and study in advanced Yeshivas, at the highest levels, both across the country and in Israel. Many students choose to spend a year, or more studying in Israel before pursuing their career choices. In Yeshiva Toras Chaim Toras Emes, students are offered advanced courses in Judaic and general studies, including A.P. classes, and consistently score high on national exams.

In summation, Yeshiva educated students receive a well-rounded education at every level. They are challenged academically and provided with the lifelong skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Simultaneously, they are taught about the beauty of their rich heritage and are prepared to become the future leaders of the Jewish people. Yeshiva graduates are prepared to take on the world.