Rabbi Baumann’s Weekly Letter

An archive of the weekly message from the KES and EECC principal.

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We recognize the challenges parents and students face in today’s world. Tune in each week for thoughtful, Torah - based guidance from Rabbi Baumann that will keep your family growing in Yiddishkeit, middos

and knowledge.
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4 November, 2022

Chinuch in Chesed

Erev Shabbos Parashas Lech Lecha 5783

28 October, 2022

Never Give Up

Erev Shabbos Parashas Noach 5783

21 October, 2022

Sense Over Sentiment

Erev Shabbos Parashas Bereishis 5783

6 October, 2022

Happiness Training

Erev Parashas Haazinu Likras Sukkos 5783

30 September, 2022

Experience This!

Erev Shabbos Parashas Vayelech Shabbos Shuva 5783

23 September, 2022

It Makes a Difference

Erev Shabbos Parashas Nitzavim 5782

18 September, 2022

First Class Ticket

Erev Shabbos Parashas Ki Savo 5782

9 September, 2022

The Power of Love

Erev Shabbos Parashas Ki-Seitzei 5782

9 September, 2022

Building a Child

Erev Shabbos Parashas Shoftim 5782

16 June, 2022

Learning Recovery Program

Erev Shabbos Parashas Behaalosecha 5782

10 June, 2022

Sibling Sensitivity

Erev Shabbos Parashas Naso 5782

3 June, 2022

This Is How You Fix It

Erev Shabbos Parashas Bamidbar, Chag HaShavuos 5782

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