Rabbi Baumann’s Weekly Letter

An archive of the weekly message from the KES and ECE principal.

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We recognize the challenges parents and students face in today’s world. Tune in each week for thoughtful, Torah - based guidance from Rabbi Baumann that will keep your family growing in Yiddishkeit, middos

and knowledge.
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6 March, 2020

Keeping Purim Happy

Erev Shabbos Parashas Tetzaveh Parshas Zachor 5780

28 February, 2020

Pandemic? Maybe. Panic? No.

21 February, 2020

Innocent Bystanders?

14 February, 2020

How Are We Handling Galus?

6 February, 2020

One Small Act

Erev Shabbos Parashas Bo 5780

31 January, 2020

The Real Influencers

Erev Shabbos Parashas Bo 5780

17 January, 2020

Growing Up Healthy

Erev Shabbos Parashas Vayechi 5780

10 January, 2020

Real Men Seek Counsel

Erev Shabbos Parashas Vayechi 5780

2 January, 2020

Perilous Times

Erev Shabbos Parashas Vayeegash 5780

26 December, 2019

They Are Watching

Erev Erev Shabbos Parashas Mikeitz Shabbos Chanuka Rosh Chodesh Teves 5780

20 December, 2019

Season of Heroes

Erev Shabbos Parashas Vayeishev 5780

13 December, 2019

Winning the Jackpot

Erev Shabbos Parashas Vayishlach 5780

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