Mrs. Dana Brecher

Meet Mrs. Dana Brecher

Caring and enthusiastic, Mrs. Brecher naturally draws her students in with her sunny disposition.  With a Master’s in Educational Administration and over 15 years of teaching experience, Mrs. Brecher effectively manages her class with organization and a generous dose of fun and creativity. 

What I Do

As a Morah for the 2nd grade girls, I teach Limudei Kodesh. In addition to ensuring my students learn well and develop the necessary academic skills, I also devote time to the social-emotional aspect of their education while also making sure the learning is fun and engaging. 

How I Make a Difference at YTCTE  

Going above the curriculum alone, I take the opportunity to work with my students on many additional aspects to their education.  I help with middos programs, social skills, and friendship building.  This benefits students by increasing their self-esteem and setting them up for further success in the classroom and in life. 

My Favorite Part about What I Do

I love being able to inspire a love of learning Limudei Kodesh in my students! I enjoy helping each student achieve her potential by understanding and using their unique abilities.  My class’s famous Purim Play is enjoyed and anticipated by all every year.

Parting Words

I moved to North Miami Beach from Toronto after spending many years as a teacher there.  I am so happy to continue as an educator at YTCTE as I truly love working here!