Mrs. Pearly Bagdadi

Meet Mrs. Pearly Bagdadi

Mrs. Bagdadi has been in early childhood education for 25 years and the love she has for her job and students is palpable. ‘Fun’ and ‘learning’ are inseparable for her, and that philosophy permeates every aspect of her approach to teaching. She just can’t wait to infuse each new class of children with a love for learning!

What I do

I’m a kindergarten secular teacher. My children learn how to read, write and start working with math. Most important of all: I teach the children how to get along with one another, and to love school and doing work.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I make school a fun and enjoyable place to be for my students. (Which is extra important in kindergarten, when children are asked to do so much.) I make it an exciting experience, so they want to learn more.

My favorite part about what I do

The end of the school year, but not because school is over! That’s when I get to see how much my students have grown from when they started. It’s also so rewarding when I get letters from parents, thanking me for everything I’ve done for their children!

Parting Words

When someone wakes up happy to go to work, it’s a sign they’re working at the right place with the right people. That’s how I feel every morning. Ever since my first day at YTCTE, I felt I was part of a family.