Mrs. Naamah Marmor

Meet Mrs. Naamah Marmor

Before moving to North Miami Beach, where her husband became the Rav of the Young Israel of Greater Miami, Mrs. Marmor ran a popular Gan in Eretz Yisroel. Her patience and compassion endear her to all and make her the perfect Morah for our youngest EECC children. As a shul Rebbetzin she is also actively involved in planning women’s and children’s programs for the community.

What I do

As a JPK Morah, I get to welcome YTCTE’s earliest learners into the Yeshiva where I teach them new skills and independence. I love using my creative skills to connect the Parsha and Yomim Tovim to the different units we learn throughout the year while encouraging the children to explore the world around them in a safe and comfortable environment.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I aim to give the children the confidence they need to thrive as I guide them on the path of Torah and mitzvos, fostering in them a love for Hashem and Yiddishkeit.

My favorite part about what I do

Nothing is quite like the feeling you get when you build relationships with each child and see their eager faces excited to learn.

Parting Words

Watching a young child grasp new skills is truly priceless.