Mrs. Batya Kahn

Meet Mrs. Batya Kahn

With over a decade of teaching experience, Mrs. Kahn excels at creating organized instruction and connecting with each student. She exudes a warmth and happiness that endears her to all and motivates each student to excel.

What I do

I teach fourth grade Limudei Kodesh at KES. I focus on bringing the lessons alive for my talmidos and helping them become closer to Hashem. I try to be a role model for each girl and give them the skills and life-long lessons to live a life as a true Bas Yisroel.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I try to be the best me and give my students a year to remember. I am proud to see my students enjoy the lessons I teach and the achievements they reach in my class.

My favorite part about what I do

I love connecting with my students and am honored to play a role in transmitting the mesorah to the next generation.

Parting Words

I love to work in a great Yeshiva that shares my visions and encourages success.