Technology Safety

In short, what’s the Yeshiva’s technology policy?

There are 3 main requirements:

  1. Students may not own smartphones
  2. Every family must have at least 1 consultation with TAG, each year
  3. Any device used by students must be filtered and used in a public area of the home

 Are students allowed to use filtered smartphones?

  • Yes. Students are not allowed to own their own smartphone, but they are allowed to use a filtered smartphone belonging to someone else. 

The ‘phasing in’ is confusing….which grades need to do what for the upcoming school year?

  • No Yeshiva students should be acquiring smartphones. However, since this is a new policy, and some current students already own smartphones, the Yeshiva created this ‘phasing in’ policy.
  • In 2021-2022, these grades may not own smartphones: JPK through Grade 7, and Grade 9 through Grade 10
  • (In 2022-2023, these grades may not own smartphones: JPK through Grade 8, and Grades 9 through 11; In 2023 and onward: JPK through Grade 12)

Why did my TAG agent ask me if I want the Yeshiva to be notified that I had my consultation? Isn’t the consultation supposed to be confidential?

  • Your consultation is confidential – your TAG agent will not disclose any information regarding your family’s technology usage or filtering to the Yeshiva or any other party. The Yeshiva just needs to know if the consultation took place. 

What if I have a special circumstance? Do I still need to follow the policy? 

  • This policy is in place for all Yeshiva families. If you have a circumstance that makes it difficult to follow the policy, please reach out to us to discuss!

I already have filters on all my devices. Do I still need to meet with TAG?

  • Technology is constantly changing and new developments may cause existing filters to become ineffective. It is necessary to remain current by consulting with TAG at least annually.

Why is the Yeshiva making requirements for what we do in the privacy of our own homes?

  • The unfortunate reality is that the effects of exposure that can take place with unfiltered internet does not remain in the privacy of the home in which it is located. It has a far-reaching impact on every aspect of a child’s development, and the negative impact can spread to his peers as well. 

How do I make a TAG appointment?

Who can I speak to with more questions?
Please reach out to your child’s division head to discuss.
ECE Early Childhood – [email protected] 
KES Elementary – [email protected]
RMS Middle School – [email protected]
DACHS High School – [email protected]

In preparation for the upcoming school year, each family is required to have at least one consultation with TAG. See the below video to get an idea of what to expect at the meeting!