Rabbi Yosef Polinsky

Meet Rabbi Yosef Polinsky

Rabbi Polinsky’s goal is to bring every student into a healthy balance – spiritually, academically, emotionally and physically. Thoughtful and caring, he encourages them to see the best in themselves, so they can grow and thrive.

What I do

I substitute for teachers and rebbeim, conduct private personal training classes and organize our leadership programs.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I help our children develop self-confidence in their abilities, and teach them to appreciate things about themselves which they may not have seen or appreciated before.

My favorite part about what I do

The warm, close-knit relationships I’m able to develop with students. I also enjoy the fact that every day is different.

Parting Words

There’s so much to enjoy about childhood. It’s a special time and I want to help our students enjoy everything there is to being a kid, including all the exciting things they get to learn while they’re here.