Rabbi Yosef Deitsch

Meet Rabbi Yosef Deitsch

A YTCTE alumnus and former dormitory resident, Rabbi Deitsch understands what talmidim need at the beginning and end of an invigorating school day. He helps the young men in our dormitory grow into confident Bnei Torah by providing them with a warm, supportive and structured ‘home away from home’ environment.

What I do

I make dormitory life amazing for our boys so they can succeed in school and life. I take care of their needs, and create a safe, comfortable Torah environment, complete with Kosher entertainment!

How I make a difference at YTCTE

By making it not just a school, but also a home for the dormitory boys.

My favorite part about what I do

It’s so rewarding to see the boys happy, learning and feeling that they’re truly cared for.

Parting Words

When I was a talmid at YTCTE, it felt like a home for me. I want to give that same feeling to today’s talmidim. I get excited knowing that every day I will, in some way, change a talmid’s life for the better.