Rabbi Yehuda Israel

Meet Rabbi Yehuda Israel

Rabbi Israel moved to Miami from New York in August 2020 to become a Rebbe in DACHS. Known for his warmth as well as his ability to clearly explain a complex Gemorah, he is a natural in the classroom where students feel welcomed and eager to learn. Before joining YTCTE, Rabbi Israel was a popular Rebbe in both Yeshivas Ohr Chaim and Mesivta Chofetz Chaim in Queens. 

What I do

As a High School Rebbe, it is my job to help develop the talmidim’s skills in critical thinking and reading Gemorah so that they can succeed now and in the future.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

By developing strong relationships with each of my talmidim, I help them thrive during this critical, and sometimes difficult, period of their lives. 

My favorite part about what I do

When I see my student’s eyes light up as he comes to a deeper understanding of the sugya than he had before, I know I have done my job. There is nothing as rewarding as seeing a talmid recognize his success and taste the beauty and depth of our Torah.

Parting Words

YTCTE has a reputation for being a well run and professional Yeshiva. I feel honored to be part of its staff and have the opportunity to learn from all the talented and dedicated mechanchim.