Rabbi Yaakov Moskowitz

Meet Rabbi Yaakov Moskowitz

Rabbi Moskowitz has a gift for bringing Torah to life for students and adults. He’s mastered the art of challenging the mind while also making learning an enjoyable experience. (Look no further than his popular Community Shiurim for proof!) A dedicated and charismatic rebbe, you could spend days going through his Shiurim archives.

What I do

As a rebbe, I impart skills in analyzing Torah texts to the next generation. I also coordinate a variety of adult learning programs to service our parents and our communities. That includes delivering community shiurim on timely Jewish topics.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

Thanks to our many beautiful shiurim and learning opportunities, I’m able to help connect the beauty of Torah not only with the children of South Florida, but with the adults as well.

My favorite part about what I do

Bringing a love for Judaism to the next generation and seeing the growth of students in their Ruchinyos.

Parting Words

Transmitting a passion for Yiddishkeit and a love for learning is what drives me every day.