Rabbi Yaakov Kier

Meet Rabbi Kier

The guiding force behind our Mechanchim Kollel, Rabbi Kier is defined by his unquenchable passion for Torah. A YTCTE alumnus, he takes pride in seeing his talmidim emerge as true Bnei Torah excited about their learning, who are defined by their  mussar and middos. Rabbi Kier also gives a weekly Sunday morning community halacha shiur, Rise and Learn, in memory of Rabbi Dovid Sharfman zt”l. (Visit our shiurim archives here to watch or listen.)

What I do

In my dual role as R”M and Rosh Kollel, I help create an atmosphere of shteiging and growth in the Yeshiva. In the Mechanchim Kollel I guide and encourage our Rebbeim as they learn b’iyun with much enthusiasm. As the Rebbe of the 12th grade honors shiur, I facilitate a seamless transition for the talmidim from a high school student to a Bais Medrash bachur.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I’m able to relate to my chaverim and talmidim and encourage them to utilize their talents and potential. What continually drives me is the quest to pass on to my talmidim the meaningful mesorah of Torah and mussar my rebbeim gave me.

My favorite part about what I do

When I captivate someone with a challenging question. Whether with talmidim or my fellow Rebbeim, we’re really all learning together, and I enjoy getting the opportunity to learn like a young bochur, again!

Parting Words

 My father-in-law was a Rosh HaYeshiva  in YTCTE for many years, which continually inspires me as a Rebbe in the same Yeshiva in the same community.