Rabbi Yaakov Dreyfuss

Meet Rabbi Yaakov Dreyfuss

Organized, with a keen attention to detail, Rabbi Dreyfuss has a talent for bringing order to the complex schedules and programs in the yeshiva. As a rebbe, he gives a high level Gemarah shiur to 10th grade talmidim. His students love the way he always encourages them to continuously stretch and grow.

What I do

I spend my morning in the classroom, teaching various Limudei Kodesh subjects. In the afternoon, I check to ensure the individual needs of each one of my students are being met. I devote much of my time to organizing the high school’s programming and classes.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I keep teenage boys excited about learning the Torah! I help them develop more refined middos and a desire for a life committed to Torah U’Mitzvos. I enable the students to see success in their studies by helping provide the proper programming and environment for them to thrive in.

My favorite part about what I do

Seeing the energy and excitement for learning that my students bring to the classroom every day. It’s such a privilege to watch them as they strive to truly understand the Gemarah on a deep level.

Parting Words

Every day I’m motivated by the knowledge that I’m helping to link the next generation to the rich chain of the mesorah I received from my Rabbeim.