Rabbi Shimon Eisemann

Meet Rabbi Shimon Eisemann

With his infectious laugh, huge smile and non-stop energy, Rabbi Eisemann is a natural at connecting with and understanding people. He loves children and gets into the kishkes of every talmid, to help them grow into real Bnei Torah.

What I do

I help my talmidim develop the skills necessary to analyze a gemarah, learn Tanach, and apply their Halachic knowledge. We also spend time each week recognizing and appreciating Hashem's involvement in our everyday lives.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

By reaching every talmid and infusing them with an appreciation for, and a desire to grow in Ruchinyos.

My favorite part about what I do

Watching the boys continue to grow, after they move on from my class. As an ‘outsider’ with inside information, I can really appreciate their growth.

Parting Words

I try to put a lot of life in the halls and classroom, with every boy in the school, not just the students in my class.