Rabbi Moshe Katz

Meet Rabbi Moshe Katz

Rabbi Katz is always looking for the opportunity to be mezakeh others with the support and guidance they need to more fully immerse themselves in the beauty of Torah. He strives to build a close connection with BMZE bochurim and community members alike. When he’s not at YTCTE, he runs his family’s window washing company.

What I do

I build close connections with the Bais Medrash bochrim and help them with their learning b’kius. Whenever they have questions, I’m there for them. I also develop out of seder opportunities for motivated bochurim looking to shteig in their learning.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I’m a resource and support for bochurim. They can turn to me with questions or ask for advice in all facets of life. I help them continue their development into strong, lifelong Bnei Torah, and caring, well-rounded young men.