Rabbi Gavriel Grossman

Meet Rabbi Gavriel Grossman

Defined by his patience and ability to make anyone smile, Rabbi Grossman is the middos ‘mascot’ of the elementary division. When he’s not tending to his duties as Principal, he’s Middos Moish, visiting the classrooms and emphasizing the importance of exercising their most important muscle: their middos muscle!

What I do

I have an exciting combination of roles here at YTCTE. I help run our elementary division and manage our transportation. I also help our talmidim discover the beauty of Hashem’s Torah, while developing their own middos.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I help imbue our students with a love and appreciation for working on chesed and developing their middos. A big part of what we work on is learning to be ok when things don’t go their way.

My favorite part about what I do

Putting a smile on the students’ faces.

Parting Words

I love helping others enjoy their school experience, so they can grow in Yiddishkeit and knowledge.