Rabbi Ephraim Palgon

Meet Rabbi Ephraim Palgon

Rabbi Palgon has a knack for bringing out the best in everyone he encounters. Students, parents, staff – he sees your highest potential, your hidden strengths…and then inspires you to reach for them! A gifted listener with a great sense of humor, Rabbi Palgon leads by example, always fighting for what he believes in, no matter the obstacles.

What I do

I help create a culture of success and growth, both for our students and staff. Some days I’m training our wonderful rebbeim and faculty. Other days I’m helping our teachers develop classroom management strategies that connect with every child in the classroom.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I set the tone for our culture. We focus on creating a warm, supportive environment where everyone is encouraged to develop the skills they need to succeed. I ensure everyone at RMS understands how to recognize the unique strengths in themselves – and others – while also developing the ability to see the opportunities they have to grow. We build confidence and character here!

My favorite part about what I do

It’s so rewarding to watch the transformation as students discover their strengths and potential.

Parting Words

I strongly believe children learn best when they feel good about themselves, and that every child has the potential to be a true leader – one who makes good decisions and thereby has a positive influence on others.