Rabbi Avrohom Danziger

Meet Rabbi Avrohom Danziger

A founding member of the North Miami Beach Kollel, Rabbi Danziger is known for his ability to inspire talmidim to dig deeper than they ever thought was possible. He recognizes the potential within every student and challenges them to both reach and surpass it.

What I do

I help build passionate Bnei Torah by teaching, motivating and inspiring my talmidim.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

True confidence comes from hard work and accomplishment. In our shiur, the talmidim are pushed to challenge themselves, to test their limits and expand past them.

My favorite part about what I do

When a boy «chaps a shvere Tosfos» after working hard, it’s so rewarding. I’m always proud of the accomplishments of my talmidim and their excitement to learn.

Parting Words

I joined YTCTE because I was impressed by the Hanhalas’ continuous drive to improve and enhance the Yeshiva. It’s inspiring to see and be a part of.