Ms. Aliza Palgon

Meet Ms. Aliza Palgon

Ms. Palgon is passionate about teaching reading and writing in real-world contexts and came to RMS after teaching in high schools locally and out-of-state. Creative and committed, she is a talented poet and runs a private recording studio as well. Ms. Palgon has a Master’s Degree in English Education from Columbia University and received Teaching Certification in Florida, New York and Arizona.

What I do

I teach sixth grade Humanities which is the merging of English Language Arts and Social Studies. I primarily utilize the Reading and Writing Workshop model of education and try to give over my passion to my middle school students.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

My goal is to help young people develop the ability to critically read and analyze the world around them so that they can make choices with wisdom and integrity. I aim to help my students, even those who previously hated to read or write, discover a love for reading and writing. My hope is for all students to see the ways that our understanding of history and literature can impact our lives.

My favorite part about what I do

I try to create a culture where kids love to read and take pride in their work. It’s those moments when students want to keep reading, or keep working on their writing, because it has become meaningful to them personally, that makes it all worth it.

Parting Words

I love being part of a team that consistently shows a serious commitment to students’ academic and personal growth.