Mrs. Ruchie Berkman

Meet Mrs. Ruchie Berkman

Full of zest for everything she does, Mrs. Berkman has a knack for encouraging middos tovos and derech eretz in a fun, hands-on way. She loves teaching and adores her students, and it shines through in her ability to help each child feel confident and able to succeed.

What I do

I teach Chumash, Navi, Parsha, Yahadus and so much more to fourth and fifth graders. I give my girls the tools to grow and inspire them to love learning. I also run a special middos program where I dress up as ‘Granny’! The children love it.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I help my girls see the application of what they’re learning beyond the classroom. They develop a more meaningful understanding of how everything we’re learning in the Torah can apply to their lives today, too!

My favorite part about what I do

Seeing my students get excited about learning and then succeed in what they’re trying to accomplish. It’s such a thrill!

Parting Words

My goal is for my students to love learning and feel connected to Yiddishkeit. That’s why I focus on making them feel comfortable in the classroom and helping them grow in their middos. It sets them up for success, so they can become the very best they can be.