Mrs. Rochelle Riesel

Meet Mrs. Rochelle Riesel

‘Creative math teacher’ may sound like an oxymoron, until you meet Mrs. Riesel. The ultimate left-brain-meets-right-brain math teacher, she can help anyone understand math! With degrees in mathematics and special education, as well as decades of teaching experience, she is a respected and successful teacher in both KES and RMS.

What I do

I make math approachable and doable for my students in all my accelerated classes in KES and RMS. How? I simplify complicated mathematical concepts so each child can understand and apply them whenever needed, including on tests.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I take pride in helping my students overcome “math anxiety,” succeed, improve their test scores and be prepared for high school. Students know they can talk to me, especially if they’re struggling. I’m always willing to adapt my lessons to help them master the material.

My favorite part about what I do

My life mission is to share knowledge of math and number sense to students so that they can succeed in whatever part of Torah life they find themselves in. At YTCTE, I get to do exactly that, so every day is rewarding. I also love the relationships I build with students and staff and seeing students form respectful relationships with their peers to collaborate on complex math conundrums. 

Parting Words

It is never too late, and you are never too old to master math skills. I have helped many adults complete their requirements for post-high school work so they can move on in their careers. I could have entered many different professions including medicine, engineering and computer programming, but I am a teacher because I feel it is most important to help the children become superstars.