Mrs. Risa Yudkowitz

Meet Mrs. Risa Yudkowitz

Mrs. Yudkowitz has certainly been around the block, having worked in the Yeshiva, in various capacities and at multiple times, throughout the past thirty years going back to the early days on Carlyle Avenue when her children attended the Yeshiva. Fun loving and responsible, Mrs. Yudkowitz uses her creative flair and caring nature to help create a warm and efficient classroom experience.

What I do

I am an assistant teacher for the first grade boys, I work alongside the Rebbe, helping with kriyah, homework and everything in between. I love helping the boys transition from preschool to first grade and adjust to the new way of learning as “big boys.”

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I try to make each boy feel secure and comfortable in the classroom and do whatever I can to make it easier for the Rebbe as well.

My favorite part about what I do

I love seeing the growth of each boy on the last day of school and contrasting it with how they came in on day one.

Parting Words

I am a passionate and skilled writer and songwriter and love creating original new songs for the Yeshiva – especially for the first grade Chumash play. Special moments deserve special songs!