Mrs. Laurie Cusco

Meet Mrs. Laurie Cusco

An expert at kinaesthetic learning, Mrs. Cusco’s classroom is always full of excitement as she engages all types of learners through her hands-on approach and flexible teaching style. She is a teamplayer who has the ability to differentiate learning to suit each child’s learning needs and works to build relationships with each one of them.Mrs. Cusco has experience teaching in both public and private schools and is a certified reading and ESOL teacher.

What I do

I co-teach second grade general studies with a fellow instructor enabling us to create a differentiated learning classroom that provides new and improved teaching and learning processes. My goal is to create excitement in the classroom and engage my students through kinaesthetic learning

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I am still excited about teaching and feel that my students pick up on this energy and therefore are excited to come to school. Also by designing a differentiated learning process for each individual student, they can reach their personal best and feel good about their success.

My favorite part about what I do

I love getting to try out new strategies and have a co-teacher to share my ideas (and my challenges!).

Parting Words

Building relationships is key. Without connection, we won’t be successful.