Mrs. Judy Scott

Meet Mrs. Judy Scott

Mrs. Scott is defined by her ability to create an optimistic, upbeat learning environment. She’s overflowing with encouragement and positive communications for everyone she encounters: students, colleagues and parents. Whether she’s combining experiences with creative activities or skill-based learning, she motivates both students and colleagues to strive for personal and academic excellence.

What I do

I run our Language Arts program and my own classroom. Both are set up to expose our students to a wide variety of learning experiences, so they’re equipped to become lifelong learners.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

My mission in life is to encourage my students and colleagues to love learning and growing, and to believe in themselves. My class motto has always been, "If you dream it, you can achieve it!"

My favorite part about what I do

My students put a smile on my face everyday. Watching the impact I have on them is amazing. It’s also so rewarding to see the growth of my colleagues.

Parting Words

Education is change. It’s a privilege to watch as my colleagues, who are consummate professionals, continue to adapt while achieving great success in their classrooms. I am, indeed, proud to be part of this faculty.