Mrs. Goldie Berman

Meet Mrs. Goldie Berman

A gifted and versatile educator, Mrs. Berman has been teaching since 1984. She has a talent for honing in on each student’s learning style and the exact material they’re struggling to process. Then she breaks it down in a way that her students can understand completely.

What I do

I help struggling students reach their potential. There are multiple parts to that. I test students, develop a game plan to help them succeed and monitor their progress on a weekly basis. Then I ensure the ACE teachers, classroom teachers, administrators and parents understand the best strategies to help the child succeed. And I also teach some of the students in the program, too!

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I make sure all teachers and students realize that anyone can learn when lessons are structured to meet all learning styles. It doesn’t matter what the learning challenges are. There’s always a way to help children thrive.

My favorite part about what I do

Seeing a student feel proud of his or her accomplishments and empowering my teachers with the tools and strategies they need to help every child thrive.

Parting Words

When I first moved to Florida, I substituted in many schools, including YTCTE. It was clear YTCTE was special. They focused on making every student feel good about themselves and treating staff like family. I knew immediately that I wanted my children and my job to be in this environment!