Mrs. Deana Shuker

Meet Mrs. Deana Shuker

Mrs. Shuker’s success with her students can be traced to her forward-thinking view of teaching. She sees education as a living, breathing entity that’s constantly evolving. And she’s always on the cutting edge of the next big thing, testing out new ways to improve how her students learn.

What I do

I find new ways to teach and encourage students, so they learn more efficiently. I also help every child recognize their unique talents and all the wonderful ways they could be put to good use!

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I incorporate creative and innovative ways of learning into every lesson, especially technology. My key motivator is knowing I’m enriching my students with knowledge.

My favorite part about what I do

The most rewarding part of teaching at YTCTE is knowing that I’m valued and appreciated by the administration, students and parents. I also love seeing my students excited to learn. It gets me excited to come to work.

Parting Words

The atmosphere at YTCTE is so warm and loving. That’s why I joined!