Mrs. Chia Leah Bergida

Meet Mrs. Chia Leah Bergida

Mrs. Bergida’s decades of experience managing an office combined with her years of chinuch experience as a teacher and camp coordinator, make her the ideal candidate to run one of the Yeshiva’s busiest offices. Her upbeat attitude and willingness to help coupled with her extensive organizational skills makes everyone feel welcomed and comfortable knowing that she will get the job done.

What I do

I am the afternoon secretary for the KES girls office which means I get to man the ship at the most hectic, yet fun shift – carpool! I make sure the carpool process runs smoothly and that everyone, teachers, parents and students leave my office with a smile on their face and the reassurance that they can rely on me and the Yeshiva to do whatever is necessary to help everyone succeed.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I try to make the staff and parents feel confident that we will always help them. We always have their back.

My favorite part about what I do

I love seeing happy people and knowing I played a role in their happiness. It is great to feel needed and appreciated, even by young children.

Parting Words

I feel it is important for people to look good in others’ eyes and feel good with themselves. I try to make that happen every day as everyone prepares to end a long day in Yeshiva.