Mrs. Chaya Bryna Kier

Meet Mrs. Chaya Bryna Kier

As a YTCTE alumna (she was in Morah Susan’s first nursery class!) and daughter of one of the original Roshei HaYeshiva, Mrs. Kier has a unique perspective into the Yeshiva’s past and present. Her talent for quickly grasping any project or situation and distilling information into a clear, easy to understand format is a boon for the Yeshiva’s continued growth and success.

What I do

I work behind the scenes to help the Yeshiva elevate its level of professionalism and accuracy. That includes assisting the CFO, financial reporting, and producing the projects and documents that help the Yeshiva present itself as the amazing institution it is.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I have the unique ability to understand our past while also grasping our vision for our future, making sure that the Yeshiva represents itself properly in various and ever-changing situations.

My favorite part about what I do

Not knowing what each day will bring.

Parting Words

YTCTE is in my blood! My father was one of the original Roshei HaYeshiva, and he was here for 15 years. I have fond memories of helping with the Yeshiva paper mailings as a child, along with my siblings and the Chait and Niman children. Now I’m thrilled to give back to the Yeshiva I grew up in.