Mrs. Caroline Weisman

Meet Mrs. Caroline Weisman.

Mrs. Weisman came to YTCTE with training and experience in a variety of school environments, navigating both office and classroom needs. She has taught high school and junior high and has managed the front office in other schools before relocating to Miami. Her excellent communication skills, engaging personality, and enhanced writing skills, have made her a natural fit for the RMS office.

What I do

I work as an administrative assistant in the busy Rohr Middle School office. I help record attendance, set up meeting rooms, get the students and teachers whatever they need, help organize events, and ensure that the office runs efficiently and everyone, (even middle school boys!) are happy and have the resources they need to succeed every day.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I am a team player who tries to lift others up by being flexible, efficient and positive so that the Yeshiva can run smoothly.

My favorite part about what I do

I love meeting new people and developing relationships with them as I learn new skills as part of this great team.

Parting Words

Having taught middle school in Toras Emes of Los Angeles (no relation to YTCTE!) I have a deep understanding of the needs of middle school students and their teachers. I try to meet those needs in the office.