Mrs. Avigayil Shaffren

Meet Mrs. Avigayil Shaffren

Patient, personable, persistent and pragmatic. Mrs. Shaffren is the capable Educational Technology Coordinator and Coding and Robotics teacher for the Klurman Elementary School. With twenty years of experience as a computer programmer in the corporate world, as well as certification in educational technology from Touro College, Mrs. Shaffren uses her expertise to help teachers and encourage students to use the technological resources available to the fullest.

 What I do

I work with our teachers to incorporate relevant technology in our curriculum, in a safe and productive way. I also teach coding and robotics to fourth, fifth and sixth graders. The last two years I have brought groups of fifth graders to the South Florida Robotics Festival. This festival is attended by many Jewish schools throughout South Florida. For many of the students, this is one of the highlights of their elementary school years.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

Coding and robotics is really so much more than just learning programming skills. It is the ability to be persistent, to try something, sometimes even a hundred times, before it works and to revel in that process. 

My favorite part about what I do

To see a child’s face light up with shouts of excitement after working, sometimes for weeks on something, and finally succeeding is something that leaves me with a great feeling of satisfaction.

Parting Words

I am one of the co-founders of JEMS Academy, a school on the YTCTE campus for children with special needs. We have an incredible integration program with the students of KES. To see my fourth and fifth graders interact with these children has been a great source of joy.