Mrs. Avigayil Shaffren

Meet Mrs. Avigayil Shaffren

Having worked as a computer programmer for nearly 20 years, Mrs. Shaffren now uses her advanced aptitude and prowess to lead the charge on YTCTE’s expanding fleet of mobile technology devices for the Elementary school division. Additionally, Mrs. Shaffren leads the science lab for 4G and 5G classes, creating meaningful STEM sessions.

What I do

I provide tech support to both students and teachers to help them use the division’s technology resources, laptops, and Successmaker, our computer-based reading and math program, to the fullest extent, without any delays or distractions. As a science teacher for 4G and 5G, I use the NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards) to build lessons that will enhance and support science education for my students.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

Understanding how to use technology is an important foundational skill in today’s world. I teach students the basics of using technology in classrooms. When needed, I also help troubleshoot! When it comes to science, I work hard to create engaging lessons that allow the girls to experience and observe the world around them in ways that are both meaningful and fun. My goal is for them to learn something new with each science lesson.