Mrs. Annette Saks

Meet Mrs. Annette Saks

Second grade is a special time of discovery, where the seeds for a lifelong love of learning are carefully nurtured. That’s why Mrs. Saks takes care to ensure her students enjoy a special year of learning and fun during their time in her classroom.

What I do

I teach all Secular Studies subjects to the 2nd grade girls! In addition, when we are able to have a school garden, I organize and maintain it with the students, helping them plant, weed, and harvest vegetables and flowers.

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I believe that infusing my students with a love of reading in second grade will set them on the path to becoming lifelong readers. That’s why I strive to impart that love at every opportunity.

My favorite part about what I do

I get to fulfill my life mission every day, which is teaching students to appreciate the world around them, be kind to others and be positive role models in our community.

Parting Words

Once I joined YTCTE, I was thrilled because I became part of a close family of educators who work tirelessly on behalf of their students and the YTCTE families.