Mr. Tarrence Holmes

Meet Mr. Tarrence Holmes

Helping others is Mr. Holmes’ passion, but his true calling is teaching. He mentors students, provides resources to families in need and always looks to make life easier for others. He holds Masters and Educational Specialist (EdS) Degrees in Mathematics and Applied Statistics and has years of experience teaching in public schools and as an adjunct professor in Colleges. Mr. Holmes even operates a small orphanage and school in Haiti and is looking to expand to the Dominican Republic as well.

What I do

I help students learn and make connections with the mathematics content through real world oriented problems, the use of instructional technology, and explicit teaching. 

How I make a difference at YTCTE

I have the ability to connect with each student which enables me to challenge them on different levels, empower them and leave a footprint in the sand of their existence.

My favorite part about what I do

I am a teacher at heart. I know that assessments, field trips and other outings are a part of the educational experience, but I enjoy coming to work to teach.The most rewarding part of teaching is engaging with the students and the challenge of meeting the diverse needs of my students.

Parting Words

I take pride in connecting with parents, students, and all stakeholders to build a scaffolding community for the success of my students. It is so important to me that I constantly pray for the success for my students.